A historical university investing in the future

The Inter Disciplinary – In Lab’ Project is the Montpellier’ University Graduate program. It has been selected for funding by France’s Investment for the Future Program 4, within the framework of the “Structuring Training through Research in Initiatives of Excellence” (SFRI) call-for-projects.

The project objective is to transform the pedagogy of the University by offering students training by Research for Research, via immersion in laboratories as early as the first year of Master’s.

The Graduate Program will be implemented with incremental steps: it will start with nine founding Master’s courses, open for the 2022-2023 academic year. That will promote the diversity of training paths at the University. Leveraging this first experience, the plan is to increase the number of IDIL courses to be integrated into the University of Montpellier’s new training offer. The goal is to gradually apply this model to 18 courses in 2024, and 30 Master’s courses in 2029.