Annual housing procedure : foreign students on mobility (excluding exchange programs)

1: Open an account on:

2 : Apply on : Accueil — Finding accommodation in a university residence (

See “student curriculum history” form: form-history-cursus-etudiant-1

3 : Admission is made for one academic year and according to availability. Upon receipt of the decision email, you have 48 hours to pay for your reservation online. Keep the payment receipt that will be requested when signing your lease.


– Device for unhousing:
LE PHARE – Languedoc-Roussillon Universités (


Site utile pour Logement

liste logements


It is strongly advised to open a bank account as soon as you arrive in France. This will allow you to pay your bills and collect any salary, housing aid, reimbursement of health costs as well as means of payments such debit or credit card and/or a checkbook. Ask your usual bank if it is associated with a French network as this can facilitate the process.

To open a bank account in France, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • a photocopy of your school certificate or your student card
  • a photocopy of your passport or identity card
  • a copy of your visa for non-European students
  • proof of residence in France (CROUS residence certificate for students housed in university residences, invoice, rent receipt, etc.)

If you are not yet in a position to provide these documents, you can open a Nickel bank account with one of the 4,600 approved tobacconists in France (the account comes with a Mastercard to withdraw money (€1 fee per withdrawal), carry out free transactions, make and receive payments online).

Documents required for a Nickel account:

  • an ID
  • a mobile phone number
  • 20€ as a single payment

Link to websites:

14 meilleures banques pour étudiants étrangers en France !

Banque pour étranger : Comment ouvrir un compte bancaire français ?


Register on the ameli website to be affiliated with the French social security system (free and compulsory registration) :

  • The starting date of health insurance rights corresponds to the 1st day you meet the following 3 conditions: you have arrived in France, you have validated your residence permit and you have received your school certificate.
  • Supporting documents to be provided:
    national identity card or passport;
    residence permit;
    school certificate for the current year;
    IBAN (RIB bank identity statement) for your refunds;
    civil status document necessary to create your identification number (a full copy of the birth certificate or an extract from the birth certificate with filiation, or any document established by a consulate, or a family record book or a marriage certificate).

Study in France : vos droits et démarches | | Assuré


Preventive medicine services: open to all students of the University of Montpellier. Visits and consultations are free, confidential and respectful of medical secrecy. You will meet people staff in charge of reception and appointments, nurses, doctors, clinical psychologists, a dietitian-nutritionist, as well as CROUS social workers.

The prevention doctor does not replace your regular “family doctor” and, cannot issue prescriptions or treatment, except for adequate emergency contraception medication to students in need of such care. The doctor provides advice and direct students to the appropriate services bases on their situation. This service also assists disabled students, in connection with the University disability service.  Médecine préventive UM


The center offers consultations in general medicine, gynecology, psychological support, and more. Full third-party payment is implemented, upon presentation of the French health coverage card (Vitale card) and of a French complementary health insurance certificate.


The University Preventive Medicine Department and Disability Department work closely together to support you to successfully carry out your studies at UM.

If you need special assistance or adjustments to study, sit at exams or ranking contests, please check the box “declare a situation of disability” on the registration file.

For a first registration at UM, please complete the Handicap on-line form at Handicap – Université de Montpellier (

Re-enrollment at UM: from your ENT space, click on the “Handy” sticker to place your request. Book an appointment for an interview with the preventive medicine service and the disability service.


TaM – Transportation system of the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole: Home Page (

Free access to the TaM network, P+Tram car parks, bicycle parking areas to park your bike near tram lines.

Pass prices in euros

Documents needed for the “31-day pass” option:
– photocopy of the identity document

Documents needed for the “annual pass” option:
– photocopy of identity document
– bank details
– a SEPA direct debit mandate completed and signed by the holder of the bank account if you opt for payment by direct debit,
– payment of your pass or the first monthly payment if you have chosen payment by direct debit, and the amount of 5 € for the pass card upon its creation


The “Pass Métropole” card is free, nominative and reserved to the residents of the metropolis territory. It offers many “good deals” or preferential rates for sport, cultural and entertainment events to its holders.

Documents to be provided:
– identity card
– proof of address issued less than three months ago
– a photo ID

To create the card : go to a Metropolis one-stop desk

La carte pass Métropole