Documents to provide

– Civil liability insurance certificate (private or student life/extracurricular life). This insurance covers an individual’s obligation to repair any damage caused to a third person, by fault, imprudence, negligence or by the means of owned, rented or borrowed objects. This document can be obtained from a homeowner/renter insurance provider, your complementary health insurance provider or when opening a French bank account.

– Certificate of payment of the contribution to student life on campus (CVEC).

– Documents specifically requested per school of registration: Application Admission Registration – University of Montpellier  (

To obtain the CVEC certificate

The CVEC (contribution de la vie étudiante de campus), or student life and campus contribution, helps to promote the welcoming of students on campus and the social, health, cultural and sports support they receive as well as the preventive and health education actions that are carried out for them. Depending on their personal situation, students will either pay a lump sum of €92 or will be exempt.

In either case, a certificate will be issued to students so they may complete their registration process to be completed on-line: Accueil – CVEC, student life and campus contribution (

Before starting your on-line registration, make sure to have your INE number (Identification Nationale Etudiant or National Student Identification) number which is indicated on the student card or high school graduation transcripts (baccalauréat transcript), or on the printed proof of registration to the baccalauréat).

If you do not have an INE number, you may provide : proof of registration in a French higher education institution for the current or future academic year, or a certificate of internship in France (for instance, a short-term housing offer at a university residence sent by the CROUS via email is valid proof).

Procedure CVEC