Earth and Water Awareness Non-Core Teaching Unit: La Fresque du Climat

The Non-Core course of Earth and Water under Global Change intends to raise awareness on issues linked to climate change, and collaboratively find creative solutions to reach more sustainable practices in this digital Era.

The Climate Fresk

Within the framework of this course, we are summoned to participate in a team building workshop of a cardgame called the Climate Fresk.
The workshop is divided into 4 parts. During the first one, we will be divided in groups in order to find the different kinds of relationships between the cards, drawing lines and placing them in different places of our poster.

Secondly, we should illustrate our key messages, and most importantly, choose a title. Right after, we should present our collage in order to receive some feedback. During this time, we can discuss about our key messages and know others’ opinions about them. Finally, we discussed about possible actions that we (people, government, society) can develop.

Take a look to our Collage!

What is a Non-Core Teaching Unit ?

It is an introductory course to a new discipline, allowing our students to develop interdisciplinary knowledge. This last to encourage critical thinking and scientific approach.

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