Ecology Non-Core teaching unit : A field trip to the La Gardiole mountain

The Objective of the Non-Core Mediterranean Ecosystemsis to discover the Mediterranean terrestrial environments, their diversity, dynamics, and history.

A refreshing excursion to learn about our singular local fauna and flora.

Within the framework of this course, we started the car towards the Massif de la Gardiole last December 10th. Pr. Christophe Petit & Pr. Vincent Girard from ISEM (Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier) took us on a Field Trip to observe different bird species typical to the Mediterranean seashores. Later, walking around La Gardiole, we could identify plant species specific to this environment. Finally, we learned the basics of dendrochronology, the scientific method for dating tree rings (also called growth rings).

What is a Non-Core Teaching Unit ?

It is an introductory course to a new discipline, allowing our students to develop interdisciplinary knowledge. This last to encourage critical thinking and scientific approach.

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Here some pictures