Medecine Non-Core Teaching Unit : A successful first in-lab visit

The Non-Core Teaching Unit (TU) of Innovations in clinical biomarkers biotechnologies for personalized medicine aims to offer our IDIL students multidisciplinary training in innovative biotechnologies in a clinical context, enabling them to acquire some knowledge on patient support technology in the medical field e.g., notions on biokmakers and state-of-the-art procedures on cancer. This course also intends to encourage critical thinking illustrating the reality on statistics of medical diagnoses…

Insightful visit to the IRMB Lab

As part of this course, Pr. Christophe Hirtz invited us to a guided tour at theInstitute for Regenerative Medecine & Biotherapy(IRMB CHU). He started by highlighting security measurements in medical facilities where researchers experiment, moving to a visit throught the different rooms where we could see advanced new med-techs from our own eyes. 

In the pictures below, you can see the machinery he and his research team use to investigate on different proteins in stem cells.

What is a Non-Core Teaching Unit ?

It is an introductory course to a new discipline, allowing our students to develop interdisciplinary knowledge. This last to encourage critical thinking and scientific approach.

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Here some pictures